The carpentry de Yecla


We carry out carpentry work in general. We create exclusive designs, with the ability to tackle projects that require high qualification.
WIDE EXPERIENCE We have been in the industrial furniture sector in Yecla for more than 25 years. We have a large team of qualified personnel, interior designers, assemblers, cabinetmakers …

Furniture and commercial equipment projects: Cafes, opticians and shops, pharmacies, offices, shops, etc. Kitchens designed to measure and to the taste of the client. Wardrobes, dressing rooms, modular, made to measure in classic and modern style. Custom doors: veneered, solid, modern, rustic, lacquered MDF, etc. All kinds of carpentry projects in general.

Three decades of experience in assembling custom furniture in Alicante, have made a large number of people trust us.

Is that the great team of professionals that we have makes it possible for us to work both on private homes, as well as in commercial premises, pharmacies and offices.

Part of this versatility is explained in the variety of techniques we use, since we work, for example, with natural veneers.

One of the many qualities we have is that we are fast, since we know perfectly well that these jobs are necessary for the lives of our clients.

Instalación de armarios con puertas correderas
Fabricación de mobiliario a medida
Diseñamos, fabricamos e instalamos cocinas clásicas o modernas
Fabricamos mobiliario a medida para hostelería

Installation of wardrobes with sliding doors.

Manufacture of custom furniture

We design, manufacture and install classic or modern kitchens.

Fabricamos mobiliario a medida para hostelería.

Custom Furniture Alicante

Among our main tasks, we make wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, wardrobes with sliding doors, wardrobes with hinged doors, wardrobes with glass doors, wardrobes with mirror doors, wardrobes with integrated television, wardrobes, custom mirrors, modern kitchen furniture, furniture for classic kitchens, rustic kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture with Nordic style, in natural veneers, Oak veneer, walnut veneer, knotted oak veneer, Nordic style veneers, natural wood veneers as well as lacquered in white, gloss white and the entire raal color chart, dressing rooms and bathroom furniture, as well as custom-made furniture.

We carry out carpentry work in general, creating exclusive designs for our clients.

We stand out for having a great team of professionals who know the sector perfectly, using innovative and avant-garde techniques in the manufacture of furniture.

The world of carpentry and joinery is immense, where it is possible to carry out all kinds of constructions, with different materials and always with a common sense in respect for the environment. All of our materials used in the manufacture of furniture have their certificates of recycled materials or from controlled parks in the exploitation of human resources. Our motto above all is respect for nature and the environment.